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How To Sell Your Baseball Cards

OK…..So you have decided to sell your baseball card collection or you just found an old box of cards in the attic……..NOW WHAT????????

As this may be a very exciting time, it can also be very confusing.  If you are not familiar with the industry or you haven’t been collecting for many years; there have been some huge changes….some for the good, and some for the bad.

First off…grading.  As a kid I remember saying a card was in either good or bad shape. Now there are multiple different classifications as to the condition of a card and they are encapsulated in water tight, tamper-proof cases…..On one hand it would appear “corporate” took all the fun out of collecting by making it a huge business; on the other, grading has made buying easier as there is very little question on condition when the card is graded by a reputable company. I suggest PSA or SGC.  You know what you are getting when you buy it.  In addition, it generally eliminates the chance you are buying counterfeit cards.

If you are not confused yet, this will make it worse. The same card, depending on condition, can sometimes range from $10-$1,000.  The bottom line in collecting anymore is condition, condition, condition.

Grading can get expensive and sometimes, based on the cost, may be more expensive than the actual card value itself.  On higher end items, I would always suggest grading, however, not necessary to sell.

The basics: Turn the card over and look on the left side of the statistics.  The card will have a list of years beginning from the first year the player played, up until the previous year’s stats.  Take the last year that is listed and add 1 year… the majority of cases; that is the year of your card. If you have a card older than 1972..Congratulations!!!!! I am interested in buying it from you!!!! CALL OR EMAIL IMMEDIATELY!!!!!